Each Saturday I summarize my favourite SaaS-related  stoies from around the web. I`ll miss a ton of awesome stuff, so if you found something you think is worth reading please add it to the comments below.

 SaaS Entrepreneurs: Show Me the Money

By now all SaaS entrepreneurs knows their MRR, Churn, CAC and LTV – but it´s surprising how few SaaS companies now present a traditional P&L (profit & loss statement) with basic financial data. From Santi Subotovsky (@ssubo)

Achieve Initial Scale: Your 7-point Checklist for Raising Capital

Every investor will have their own set of requirements. But by running through the above 7 point checklist you will at least have a clear funding strategy in mind, know that your key metrics are in good shape and you have all the basic information in place. From BJ Lackland (@bjlackland)

Rule of 40% for SaaS Companies

Some interesting thoughts on Brad Feld’s acclaimed “Rule of 40%” for SaaS companies by David Cummings (@davidcummings)

Sales Funnel Optimization For SaaS Startups

Improvements to the early parts of the funnel are more important than those later in the funnel. From Tomasz Tonguz (@ttunguz)

Lead qualification for B2B SaaS Startups

If you are interested in sales funnel you may want to read my piece on how sales an marketing agree on a lead qualification process.


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