Each Saturday I summarize my favourite SaaS-related  stoies from around the web. I`ll miss a ton of awesome stuff, so if you found something you think is worth reading please add it to the comments below.

The Simple Math Behind Every Profitable Business — Customer Lifetime Value

From the Basics to advanced academic approaches. @EricJorgenson summarizes all you need to know on LTV. It´s rather a book than a blog post. Grab a large coffee and enjoy reading.

SaaS Metrics For Fundraising 

There are actionable metrics for improving your operatios. And there are financial metrics you have to know when talking to potential investors. @bobbypinero gives you an overview how to prep with the right metrics for your next meeting with a VC.

5 Common Mistakes in Calculating Your SaaS Churn

SaaS Companies suffer from churn paranoia. Watch out and don´t make any of theses 5 mistakes when measuring churn. By Daniel Guttenberg (@IndieSEO) for Stunning.

Always Hit Your Numbers!

If you understand German you may want to read my interview with business angel and 9Cookies founder Marcus Ross on how to build and manage successful sales teams in B2B

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